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Sponsorships and Partnership Opportunities

We always welcome new sponsors and partners.  Save Ourselves offers a variety of opportunities for businesses and corporations to choose from, wherever you might feel a strong connection.  Golf Tournaments, CIO (our Check It Out programs for high school breast cancer awareness), our 24/7 helpline or our many support groups, all of these need your attention.  We would love to add you to our Save Ourselves Family.  Please call our Save Ourselves office at (916) 786-HOPE.

Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors:

sponsor board

Beverly Metcalf: Zumba basket
Mary Messerschmitt: Zumba Instructor
Ferguson Physical Therapy
Pat Gallegos
Bonnie Stephens
Cathleen Ferraro 
Michelle Sanderson, CMT
Joyce Rask, Hair Stylist
Titillating Turbans
 Janet Tedesco
Dianne Russell
Kathy Hamre, Hair Stylist
Madeliene Viernes
Claudia Bordin
Cass Capel, PhD 
Mary Lou Pavlick
Jaime Andrews

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